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"Warrior Recipe"

Revolution Radio Fitness Podcast #3


I discuss: Poop test, blood test, DNA, Warrior routine, Getting up early, Meditation, law of attraction, programming subconscious, Longevity, Diet, exercise snacks, 23andme, Viome, fasting, gratitude, glucose, Buddha, power of now, programming, embarrassing moments, diarrhea.

Rise Warriors Rise!! ~Greg

“Sooner or later your health will become your #1 concern,
Why not NOW?”
Let it be YOU who makes the choice.
There is wisdom in balance. The body thrives on balance.
When all systems in the body are working in harmony, well, the skys the limit.
The yin/yang is all about movement vs rest.
It kind of feels like there aren’t too many people walking around these days with balance.
We are all burned out, one way or another.
We need coaching more than ever.
We need to set some income aside for preventative health care.
We need to set some time aside for ourselves.
We need to take charge, take the steering wheel back,
and drive to increase our value as a person, as a mother, a father,
a son, a daughter, a fighter, a lover, a man, a woman.

 Who am I?


holistic health, life coaching, corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, body hacker, finding enlightenment, Farm rich organic foods, Wim Hof breathing method, Ido Portal Movement training, Paul Chek Philosophy, Ben Greenfield body hacking, Ancient Medicines, Cold water therapy, And much more.

Are you a Warrior?


I’m looking for wolves… Not sheep

You must be molded into a Warrior.

It takes hard work and commitment.

If you don’t want to work, I don’t want to waste my energy.

I want success for you. A new way of living life for you. A massive awakening.

You must understand everything you’ve been taught or currently know is probably twisted.

This is a path to enlightenment.

Any Questions?


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