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Vitamin A: How important it is, sources, how children get it, how it saves lives

Ever heard of a measles party? Only if you are around 65 years old or older. Way back when it was a thing. Parents wanted their children to get the measles at a certain time of year so that way they would not miss school. So they planned a measles party for their kids to catch it. This was before the vaccine came around. As they say the rest is history… or is it?

Dr. Cowan argues that this was the start of the chronic diseases. At the time of the vaccine the rate of death from the measles was nearly non-existent. Besides being inconvenient it was not harmful. In fact catching the measles was really, really good for us.

Human beings are designed a certain way on purpose. We love to play God and do “smarter” things to avoid or cure uncomfortable things. Well uncomfortable things are sometimes just what we need to become stronger and better.

The whole point of a fever is for our body to become stronger and better. The fever is there to heat up our bodies into liquid form to eliminate the (poison) from our cells and evacuate it out of the body through multiple channels including urine, poop, vomiting, coughing and/or snot. There may be even more ways, perhaps sweating, etc.

You see this the nature of human. We came in, stuck our noses in it, and now the whole natural system is making us a very sick people. The fact has become, we as children did not get the diseases we were naturally supposed to get, so now as adults we get the big chronic ones. Then we pass this on to our children who are even weaker and now children have chronic illness even younger. The bottom line is children with chickenpox and measles have less major chronic disease later in life.

What does this all have to do with vitamin A? Well by the time measles vaccine came around there was little to no deaths from the measles. Why? Vitamin A. Yes Vitamin A was the great protector and was helping kids through measles so they would come out stronger and better.

The article “Measles: Have we learned nothing yet” published in The American Acadamy of Pediatrics, stated when children were given vitamin A in the form of cod liver oil, the morbidity,  mortality, and complication rates from natural measles basically goes to zero.

This vitamin was named “anti-infective vitamin”. Vitamin A is fat soluble so it’s found in animal fats. So you can find it in butter, cod liver oil, lard, etc.

The interesting fact is it’s not the same as beta carotenes which is two vitamin A’s hooked together. Surprisingly children cannot breakdown the two beta carotenes, they need the greens to go through an animal first, such as a cow, in order to use the vitamin. This is a big reason why children do not like green vegetables, and I always though it was just because of the taste.

Egg yolks would also be a good source for vitamin A. Liver, whole yogurt. Just make sure these sources are good sources, aka. Grass fed, organic, free roaming, etc.

Just find your best source for vitamin A around your area.

In conclusion, adults yes, but children especially benefit greatly from this wonderful vitamin. It is crucial for kids with fever or inflammation. As for vaccines, we would love to go back in time and do things differently. Understanding killing the diseases only weakened us as human beings, creating a future of chronic diseases all over the place. I will leave you with these final statistics:

1 in 2.5 American children has an allergy

1 in 11 has asthma

1 in 13 has severe food allergies

1 in 36 has autism

It’s time warriors

It’s time to wake up

It’s time for this world to change

It’s time for a revolution

With tremendous love and respect


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