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The Fist of Truth:

There exists a countless list of words many of us have attached negative emotional meaning to, as the rock sitting in the flowing water like a dam. Put your hand out in front of you and make a loose fist as if you were about to give a thumbs up. Rest it on your thigh or on a table in front of you. Now imagine there is a word written on it. This word could be any of those words with which you have attached negative meaning. It could be sex, spirituality, religion, fat, racist, girl, boy, drugs, food, punk, cancer, etc. Your fist represents the big rock sitting in the flowing river, which represents life. This word has been made a fact in your mind. This word you have attached all your fears, experience, and judgment to. When you encounter this word along your path you have judgments regarding the situation in which you encountered it. To be more specific you are preprogrammed from your past to now live with this word acting like a dam to your personal growth. You are not able to grow and expand in this area because you are convinced that your definition of that word is fact, when in fact it is just a word.

Take the word “sex” for example. As soon as you read that word you may have already had an emotional response which might trace all the way back to your childhood. You have attached facts and feelings to this word that may not be real at all.  Bad memories, guilt, morality, power, or insecurity are all instant mental blocks to seeing the world clearly, to living in the moment.

Think about that fist in front of you with words written on it that you have attached so much meaning to. These words that do not give you a chance to have an opinion in this moment, they bring back the past like a sledgehammer. These words cause anger, depression, stress, hurt, overreacting, and a storm inside you. If you can recognize these words and call them out for who they are you can begin to work through the things that haunt you. You can begin to move forward in your life in these areas that may take years of therapy. You can have freedom and live in the moment of life, not in the past.

This is something I call perception training. This exercise will help you rewire your brain to bring clarity and a different way to look at things in your life. This exercise will also help you determine these words you have on your life that reveal the Fist of Truth. Those words that are attached all the way back to your childhood. Pay attention to your emotional body as you make your way through perception training.  



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