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Motivational Speaker Influencer

Greg Schumacher

"Evolution thru Entertainment"

Welcome to the entertainment age


"use" what life gives you, a lemon to lemonade.

problem into a question

95% of the general public concentrate on the problem and 5% on the solution.

P vs P

Perseverance vs Patients : It's not going to work... so we give up.


Desire, inspiration, desperation, passion... what drives the best people on the planet.

Make the world your gym

Open up your mind up and beat the system.

Psychology vs Perception

To bring answers to our deepest issues in minute instead of years.

Education Delivery

How we each of us learns makes a big difference in how we should learn.

Flow State

How and Why we should always get in flow state first before any step towards success.

White coat "GODS"

How doctors, pharmacist, and experts have become our modern day "GODS".


How to get yourself out of this box of limitation, restriction.

Break the Rules

Bend, break, detach yourself from the life of imaginary rules and start making life bend to your will.

Spirits of our ancestors

Reaching into our past and finding our true natures of who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Motivational Speaker - Influencer - Entertainer

Greg Schumacher, a visionary, an entrepreneur, a truth seeker, leading the charge of the Rise up Revolution with the successful podcast Revolution Radio, Author of A Guide to the Healthiest You: Mind Body Soul, 20+ Years as a Health and Oneness Coach, Speaker and Influencer, Workshops, Events, Expos, One on One, Founder of “The Family of Light”, Bringing well-being into the Entertainment age… Called Evolution thru Entertainment.
Creator of the 5 Steps to Complete Optimization. Greg has a team building around him such as amazing talented Jarin Kenyon to bring great impact to the world. He credits a lot of his success to being a father and having an amazing wife Victoria who he calls his inspiration and his anchor. Greg believes everyone needs their anchor in their life to bring perspective and support. Let’s Optimize!

buddies recommending me

Victoria Schumacher

As my husband and best friend i see his passion. Passion in his family, relationships, love, and the vision and focus to change the way we think about ourselves and others. He is such a figure of hope in a world of so much low self-worth, separation, struggle, sickness, and chaos. I can honestly say I admire this man, just hate sharing him with the world, wink. 

Jarin Kenyon

Greg is not only an incredibly wise and relatable speaker, educator, and entertainer; but he is also 100% genuine in his intent and mission to help people and the world grow, unite, and evolve. He embodies and lives his personal identity and purpose with a balanced approach to fun and seriousness, in his programs, products, and coaching. He is a personal leader to me, whom is willing to listen and learn from others while following his own intuition first, and putting his ego aside to accomplish what’s best for all.


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