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Chris Burglund

Chris Berglund

AKA The Nerdy Fit Chef

​My name is Chris Berglund and I am the Nerdy Fit Chef, just a name I threw together describing myself in 3 simple words. I am “Nerdy”, I really enjoy watching a captivating anime, playing through an epic story bound JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) like the Final Fantasy series. World of Warcraft was my jam! Reading Game of Thrones and Lord of The Rings is pure magic. I love it!


​All those books and video games, and stories are great, and fantasically creative. However I like to make the analogy that this blessing of life is the best video game/story there is! So viewing myself as the main character to my story I like to keep my avataar in good condition, so I stay in shape, move my body and train my mind, that’s the “Fit” part. I know without a doubt that every time I am in a rut, feeling down, whatever it may be. Getting in some quality movement, or even just going for a walk always improves my well being and general mood!


​Lastly I am a Chef, I have cooked in various kitchens aross the country and across the world, in places like New Zealand, and the Caribbean, learning how to roll Thai spring rolls in Thailand and more. From fine dinning french cuisine, to peruvian chicken shacks, weddings, catering, the whole gambit. However in cooking there truly is no end, you can keep learning and experimenting, and creating new flavor combinations.


​The same can be said about life! There truly is no end to learning, and having fun. As a student of life, I aim to be present and experience every last bit in full. I try to live and lead from my heart. Spirituality is a large part of my life, philisophical works, and conversations are some of my favorite! I love the out doors and nature it truly is such a gift and it boggles my mind when we look at the scale of destruction that continues today… I strive to be a catalyst for change, education, creativity, and fun! I love to dance at in-appropriate times and my inner child is still very alive!

​ I currently serve as a health coach, creating programs specific to age, gender, backround, fitness level, and many other factors. I am still enrolled in the Chek Institute which is a world renowned Holistic Health school. Providing me with cutting edge, clinically and scientifically based education on all that is holistic health. I can provide my clients with a proven method to help them reach their goals, wether it’s fitness, weightloss, changing their relationship with food, it’s all part of the same. Our health is a cullmination of many aspects, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and I love how the Chek System addresses all of these issues, helping to create the absolute best version of yourself.

​Combine the nutrition aspect I have learned, and that of my knowledge of cooking. I have set myself up to really help teach others how to make amazing delicious mouth watering meals that are still nutrient dense and healthy, and on a budget if need be! Eating healthy does not have to break the bank, nor does it have to take up your time cooking for endless hours day in, and day out.



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