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At any age but especially at 40 what kinds of biohacks do we need to pay attention to for staying as young as possible?

It looks like some of the absolute biggest are: mindset, sleep, diet, and movement.

Mindset: let’s talk about positive thinking. It’s a really tough one nowadays. Everywhere you turn there is negativity. Everyone seems to be a judge and a executioner. Where did everyone get this, I am better than you attitude from? If you tell the truth now a days, you mine as well get a cross out so you can be nailed to it. I don’t mean to be insensitive but it’s true. Was it the invention of social media that now everyone can speak their mind? Now you need no life experience to absolutely destroy someones dreams and aspirations so you can make yourself feel better.

So how do we keep ourselves from getting sucked into this negativity? We need a nice strong confident self worth. How do we get this, well it’s easy, sort of, lol. Once I say the word you’ll role your eyes. Meditation. Yes the ancient practice of knowing ones self. Why is this so effective? Well meditation is hard for most in our current instant gratification times. I speak to my son about this often, delayed gratification vs instant gratification. You see one is very rewarding and one is a trap. I talk to him about how delayed gratification is what builds the power of ones self. For example to take 2-5 minute cold showers every morning and evening does awesome stuff inside your body, but that is certainly not instant gratification, it kind of sucks. cold is not usually fun. however the effects a month later or two months later is a strong sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This means a very strong immune system, stimulates weightloss, limited muscle soreness, less stress impact on body, relieves depression, and wakes you up like a cup of coffee. So the instant gratification of just taking a hot shower did very little for you, while the cold delayed gratification shaped your future self completely.

So my point being meditation while having some instant gratification benefits really brings so much more in the future. Meditation does not have to be just sitting in the dark. It can be a guided meditation, you can find them on youtube, sweeping the floor, listening to your favorite songs, doing tia chi, painting a picture, or many other things that bring you into a flow state. It has to be relaxing though. Focus on clearing the mind, say a few OM’S.

So this focus on meditation, how will it bring you to looking good naked? Well in this crazy world we live in, it’s all about being on fire all the time. On the go, rushing around, late. This is time crunch. In the scheme of things, time does not even really exist. We made it up. We put ourselves in this hamster wheel. Now we have a world who has 19 year old boys who can’t get a hard-on and are popping viagra, We have eating disorders in teens, we have woman who are only known for big tits or how little clothes they wear, the cars we drive, the fakeness we can project off of the real us. So what does this say about our state of the world? That we care all about the wrong things. Meditation teaches us to go inside and learn who we are. When everything gets quiet. To find ourselves is a journey, there is no fast-food truth. To find truth we must dive in, feel, be at peace, that we are not the person in the public eye, we are genuine souls. We come from a much different place. Find you true self. Just start, today, now, tonight, anytime, but do it. It will be the greatest gift you could give yourself on this journey on earth. This will be the journey of fall and winter seasons, just like a tree who brings all its energy underground in the fall and winter to grow it’s roots, we must too grow our roots. For the tree who grows tall without roots soon falls over, as will you if you do not grow on the inside.

P.S. remember that to be truly wise you must be able to hold two contradicting ideas in your mind at the same time and be completely comfortable in that. The world is not black and white. All this arguing is destroying the world. everyone is sitting at a certain perspective and as people journey on their path they are taught through life experience to grow and see differently as long as they are paying attention. My point of view is much different on life than 5 years ago or 1 year ago or 1 month ago. every stage is a new layer to the onion. So have compassion, don’t concern yourself with the next best media story that wants you to


At any age but especially at 40 what kinds of biohacks do we need to pay attention to for staying as young as possible?

It looks like some of the absolute biggest are: mindset, sleep, diet, and movement.

Sleep: Lets take a deep dive into sleep(rest) to see why this is so important. They say that sleep is like your doctor, and it’s free! So sleep, first of all, gets little to no respect. It is quite possibly the foundation of health and wellness.

Let’s talk about Circadian rhythm and your hormones. With all the lights all around us everywhere all the time now wonder we don’t sleep well. Tv, artificial house lights, cell phone screens, street lights, led lights on everything including your appliances even when they are off. We as a human race for most of the time on earth never had all these lights in our life. All this contributes to throwing off our circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is our internal clock that follows the pattern of the sun. So if it’s night time and we are still getting blasted by lights then our body doesn’t know its bedtime. This causes our hormones to be off and the natural secretion of melatonin to not be released or released at the wrong time. Then we lay there thinking we are tired but we can’t fall asleep, frustrated we get angry which causes a release of adrenaline and boom we are more awake, hearts racing, minds racing.

So how do we fix this? How does this make us look better naked? It’s having a plan. We plan on taking action by reducing the light we take in at night. Such as turning your phone to night mode(most have this now) which decreases the light coming off of the screen. Another interesting biohack as well is have red light bulbs in your bedroom. The red light encourages your body to calm down and rest. It really works, i have them, lol, however my fiancé thinks it’s a bit unusual. She just rolls her eyes. She is fantastic at understanding all my abnormal ways i hack the world. Another great hack is to not eat at least a few hours before bed.

You can also use some essential oils to help promote sleep such as lavender, but first make sure it true authentic essential oil, not walmart brand that been proven to be fake.  Always put your essential oil with a carrier oil. A carrier oil would be somthing like really good quality olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and a few others. You don’t need much essential oil because essential oil is super powerful, we underestimate it completely. Get a glass jar with a lid and fill it with 4 or so ounces of oil, then add 12 drops of lavender. Use this every night to spread on your belly, massage your abdomen with it. This is the best absorption spot on the body. A Bonus is this mixture can be used on sore muscles as well to help speed up the healing process.  Little know fact that tea tree oil, lavender, and a few others were used on war wounds in ww1 and ww2 before antibiotics were invented.

Getting a good night sleep is so important to us looking good naked because in sleep we repair and release Human Growth Hormone(HGH), testosterone, estrogen, etc. These are our beauty hormones. Keeping us young and vibrant. The better and deeper the sleep the better the beauty.

So just remember bad nights of sleep cause:

  • stress

  • muscle loss

  • overtraining

  • decreased sexual performance

  • weak immune system

  • joint aches

  • stomach problems

  • unfocused brain

  • grogginess

  • lack of energy

  • increase body fat

To just name a few.

Take full advantage of all your free gifts this universe gives you, don’t take sleep for granted. If you treat your body like temple you will get miracles in return, and hopefully another great way to look good naked.



At any age but especially at 40 what kinds of biohacks do we need to pay attention to for staying as young as possible?

It looks like some of the absolute biggest are: mindset, sleep, diet, and movement.

Diet: This my friends is a big one. So much information, so many ways to go. Bottom line, this will make or break you on aging and seeing results when you are NAKED. We truly are what we eat. If we eat garbage food, our productivity becomes garbage. So what is good food?

Like Neil Young said over and over on stage at the Outlaw Festival, “Support local farms!”” Support farmers markets!”” Bring your kids there and show them what real food is!” This was a man speaking from his heart and my heart. I belong to a farm share program. They are called CSA(community support agriculture). You simply find a farm that is part of this and sign up. Usually you can find them at local farmers markets but you can also google search them. You pay them monthly or all in one shot. They are 100% organic and usually don’t use any spraying. The farm I am a part of uses no spraying and says they would rather sacrifice the crop than poison it. This is music to my ears. The price is very reasonable because they completely cut out the middle man, the stores, they are usually super generous and I even get to pick my food out every week. Some place just drop a box off to you and they decide what you get.

Here is the real juice in the squeeze, The food taste amazing and its packed full of energy. You see most of the food in the supermarkets is DEAD. Thats right dead, your putting dead food in you body and your body has to do more work to digest it than any energy received. So you are in a deficit. That means your bank account just lost money. So what we must do as humanity at this time in history is to start taking charge again. Put your money into local, rich food, organic, fresh, alive food. This will rejuvenate you on so many levels and your digestive system will thank you. I know what you are thinking, “but i buy organic in the store”, I wish i could tell you that you can trust all things labeled organic. Unfortunately you can’t. 90% of our food is provided by 5 major corporations in this country. If you dig further you’ll also notice that they are all one big money pocket anyways.  So a mix of local farm foods and quality organic trusted sources such as thrive market(organic amazon), Otherwise we are in a lot of ways poisoning ourselves. So research your sources of foods. I’ve read that a box of cereal or pasta goes from wear-house to wear-house and gets sprayed at least 10 times for bugs before it hits the grocery store shelves, yuck.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about the real performance eating. So as i’ve mentioned before i was vegan for about a year. I’ve tried most diets, i am a big believer on being the old time scientist who experiments on himself before telling anyone else to do it. So as much as i really enjoyed my journey of being vegan, and recommend to everyone to at least experience it for themselves, I don’t think its the answer to most as far as performance is concerned. I do think going vegan is a spiritual journey as well as a detoxing of your body. It also enhances your taste buds.

The diet I follow now and seem to thrive on is 60% fat 20% protein 20% carbs with lots of greens. For so many years i was brainwashed into thinking fats were the enemy. And protein was KING. This was so false it’s not funny.

Let’s breakdown the diet:

Good FATS: 3-5 servings: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, avocados, grass fed bone broth, olives, organic grass fed butter, wild salmon, trout, haddock, cod liver oil, raw nuts, quality farm bacon, organic peanut butter, coconut milk, etc. Avoid salad dressings, regular peanut butter, canola oil, sunflower oil, milk chocolate, roasted nuts, roasted seeds, non-organic meats, deli meats. Avoid bad oils especially, they are worse than sugar. The oils bind to your cells and won’t let go. 

Then your vegetables 3-5 servings

Vegetables: basically any fresh vegetable, nothing canned, non organic, un rinsed.

Then your carbs 1-2 servings is best(these are non-vegetables): oats, rice, quinoa, etc. avoid the obvious, white breads, canned foods, baked good(cakes, cookies), crackers, etc.

Then your preteins:

Organic protein powders(look for good sources), Local farm whole eggs, grass fed beef(local farms if possible), wild fish, raw milk and cheese (might be hard to find), soaked or sprouted beans and legumes

Fruits 2 servings: everything but canned, fruit in syrup, sugar coated, etc.

I recommend eating in a window and then fasting. So for example I first eat breakfast(a vegetable smoothie) at 9am and i then eat lunch at 12:30 and then have dinner as early as possible, hopefully done by 6pm. Then I do not have a calorie until breakfast the next day. So that is typically (6pm to 9am) 15 hours fasting per day. Then Every 2 weeks i fast for 24 hrs, typically dinner to dinner. On the daily basis of my 15 hrs fasting i try to save my carbs until dinner, so that my body can stay in ketosis(fat for fuel) most of the day.

I have practiced intermittent fasting for 3 years now, it’s a very useful tool. Don’t stress yourself out over it though. Do the best you can. We tend to push too hard and hurt our progress towards goals. Just let your body guide you. You will sometimes have a few bad days, just make sure you put the train back on the tracks, and lose the guilt. We are all human, we were meant to make mistakes, we were meant to learn from these mistakes and become stronger. It’s really the nature of all things.

So this is one of the most important ways of crushing it and reaching that oh so important looking good naked!

P.S. Everyone is made differently, you have to listen to your body. You diet could be based on your ancestors or your microbiome. There are many ways to send away for results if you are really interested. I am currently in the process and am waiting on my results. I will certainly be writing about them in the future.

Carry on Warriors!


At any age but especially at 40 what kinds of biohacks do we need to pay attention to for staying as young as possible?

It looks like some of the absolute biggest are: mindset, sleep, diet, and movement.

The final chapter to how to look good naked, Movement: Why do I call this movement instead of exercise, well because we have completely destroyed the way the human body was meant to move. As Ido Portal say “the fitness centers is where you find the worst movers in the world(well of course a little better than the couch potatoes) but for the amount of time invested, terrible results.”  Why is this? Because we are brainwashed by bodybuilding and powerlifting communities.

Who’s the first person you think of in bodybuilding? Yup you said it, Arnold. Now taking nothing away from Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s done great in his life, but he had impact on our society like no other and it brought us to the mindset we need to look like him. I certainly fell into this trap. Even woman now are trying to look all bulky, ripped, 6 pack, dehydrated stage ready. This is not what the human body was meant to move like, this truck like body is so limited, so over compensated, and it’s not built to last. Remember Arnold had to take a lot of hormones to end up like that. So in order to please our egos, to look like our hero’s, we look for the easy way out and go buy some street drugs to bring our bodies to the image in our head. We may have some short term success but then, we become imbalanced, we become mentally unstable, we become depressed, we start taking more substances to counter act the other substances and it just becomes an ugly road.

This is where the work comes in,

 #1 we need to stop competing with the world and start doing things for ourselves.

#2 we need to balance ourselves by “working in” and “working out” equally.

#3 we need to break the ugly brainwashing in our heads of what is a healthy looking body.

#4 we need to love and nurture ourselves first before we nurture others.

#5 we need to be honest with ourselves, be perfectly ok with the truth and our goals.

#6 we need to understand that whatever we can’t stop doing for 2-3 days is the God that rules us, break the habits good or bad just so they don’t rule us. Yes this includes coffee, lol.

#7 we need to understand that exercise is medicine. That everything in your body works together.

#8 we need to understand that the human body is comprised of key systems of musculoskeletal, visceral(organs), limbic(emotional), and hormonal. All are linked to subtle body systems of emontional, mental, and spiritual. (this is why we train mind, body and soul)

#9 we need to understand that cold and hot therapy is doing wonders for our bodies, this is how our ancestors lived, not in controlled 72 degree envirionments. There is an entire system not being exercised anymore.

#10 we need to understand when the student is ready the master will appear, pay attention.

One of the best habits I started was form a book about what successful people do everyday, they get up really early. It took me a long time to convince myself to do this. Once I started I haven’t stopped. It really is a success story. I’m up everyday at 4:50, 2 hrs before I have to be anywhere. Now I get so much self care done in the morning. It was one of the best things I did for myself.

What kind of exercise program should we be following to hit all vital areas?

#1 Make sure you are eating right, diet is super important to the success of your workouts, recovery, and growth.

#2 Use peppermint essential oil in a carrier oil(extra virgin, coconut, avocado) and spread on chest and back of the neck. This is proven in athletes to greatly increase performance. You can even go as far as swallowing peppermint in pill form. (ask me more about this if interested).

#3 Lift heavy weight, slow. This is a proven method especially for aging to keep you young. Use super good form. Slow meaning 4 seconds up and 4 seconds down. I do 4 exercises, that it, a day of 4 sets of Deadlifts and 4 sets of bent over barbell rows. And a day of 4 sets of squats and 4 sets of bench press or incline. In between each set I try to do something art like, so painting, poems, chi, something that calms the mind and body.

#4 A day of body weight exercises a 30-10. This is 30  seconds of the exercise and 10 seconds of rest, right into the next exercise for 30 seconds. I choose these exercises but change it up sometimes:

Jumping jacks – planks – push ups – hanging leg raises – wall sits – dips – hanging vertical pulls – squats – running in place with high knees – yoga ball hamstring curls

This will take 7 minutes, you can do several rounds

#5 A day or even at the end of a workout of movement training. I have some videos on my youtube channel Greg’s Revolution, but basically its getting down on the ground, moving in all directions, squatting deep down into a seat(like tribes people), hanging from bars, inverted training(headstands, handstands), crab crawls, lizard walk(great after squat day), Olympic rings, etc.


#6 Then some Vo2 max training, (I jog every morning with my dog, usually in the dark, just for 10 minutes) A great biohack is to breath in through your nose for periods of your jog then go back to mouth breathing, its like wearing an air restricting mask. It’s great for getting a burst of oxygen in the body.

Vo2 max training:

  • Training 1: 20 seconds very hard to 10 seconds easy. This is like all out sprint 20 seconds and 10 seconds walk. You want to do 4 minutes of this. You choose the exercise.
  • Training 2: 4 minutes of hard effort exercise(run) with full recovery for 4 minutes, repeat 5 times.
  • Training 3: 30 seconds sprinting with 4 minutes recovery, repeat 5 times.

You can use one of these trainings through out the week, switch to a different one on another day.

#7 Cold and Hot water therapy. Every morning I go in my inferred sauna at 120 degrees and sweat, then go jump in my 60 degree pool for 2-3 minutes. This is great for strengthening you in so many glorious ways. The recovery factor alone of sore muscles is unbelievable. After I get out I feel so connected to earth. I stand in the grass and do some tia chi looking up at the stars. Gorgeous. Its amazing the feeling of cold through the body feels, like Wim Hof says, “Breath is life, cold is God, and feeling is understanding”. It sure is Mr. Wim Hof. You don’t have to have a sauna and a pool, you can simply do this in the shower. I also repeat this in the evenings too. Not too close to bed though. 

#8 Remember balance, do balance exercises through out the day, stand on one leg, close one eye, walk across a curb, challenge yourself a little. I also love doing hand eye coordination drills with clients, using tennis balls mostly. (if you want more information about that let me know). However, the most important balance is “working in” and “working out”. Make sure you are paying attention to your internal self. Meditation, self love, confidence, tia chi, yoga, breath work, heart rate monitoring, painting a picture, drawing, writing, reading, walking, hiking, exploring. You want to yin to your yang.

You do not have to complete all these exercises every week, sometime ill cycle trough them every 2-3 weeks. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my article on Looking good naked(how to). This will definitely get you closer to your goals. Just remember we all come in different shapes and sizes, just experience a clothing optional beach, it’s eye opening(just ask my fiance, lol). Point being go easy on yourself, it takes time, discipline, determination, wisdom and a little luck to get to our goals. Stay hungry but also enjoy the journey. Life is awesome! pay attention to every moment, there is no moment that has been.   I will be releasing another podcast soon. I’d love to hear your feedback. Questions

Coaching available in person or online

Rise Warriors Rise!! ~Greg

“Sooner or later your health will become your #1 concern,
Why not NOW?”
Let it be YOU who makes the choice.
There is wisdom in balance. The body thrives on balance.
When all systems in the body are working in harmony, well, the skys the limit.
The yin/yang is all about movement vs rest.
It kind of feels like there aren’t too many people walking around these days with balance.
We are all burned out, one way or another.
We need coaching more than ever.
We need to set some income aside for preventative health care.
We need to set some time aside for ourselves.
We need to take charge, take the steering wheel back,
and drive to increase our value as a person, as a mother, a father,
a son, a daughter, a fighter, a lover, a man, a woman.

 Who am I?


holistic health, life coaching, corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, body hacker, finding enlightenment, Farm rich organic foods, Wim Hof breathing method, Ido Portal Movement training, Paul Chek Philosophy, Ben Greenfield body hacking, Ancient Medicines, Cold water therapy, And much more.

Are you a Warrior?,


I’m looking for wolves… Not sheep

You must be molded into a Warrior.

It takes hard work and commitment.

If you don’t want to work, I don’t want to waste my energy.

I want success for you. A new way of living life for you. A massive awakening.

You must understand everything you’ve been taught or currently know is probably twisted.

This is a path to enlightenment.

Any Questions?

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