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The 8th Wonder of the World: Immune System

As we travel through this journey on earth, round or flat(you decide), we find that as we get older things aren’t always what we thought they were. The illusion of what life has been taught to us starts breaking down and we start to see life for what it really is. Unless you aren’t paying attention, the media spins stories to sell advertising, such as, eggs are good for you, one year later, eggs are bad for you, a year later eggs are good for you again. This is all part of the idea that a confused general public is an obedient one. Kind of like how we raise our kids, we tell them to do certain things, when they ask why, we say because I said so or we make up a reason with half the truth in it. Why do we do this, well because the agenda is mostly for our own benefit. If you don’t have kids you may have done this to younger siblings, friends, or co-workers. Especially if you are in a place of power at work, well this is the perfect place to manipulate to get your own agenda accomplished. I give this example because people don’t believe that our media outlets have agendas of their own. In fact the agendas run all the way up the chain to the top of the government, really worldwide.

So what does all this mean? You as an individual has to look out for themselves. Do your research. Think outside the box. Don’t believe the things you hear, because most of the time if you dig deep enough you’ll find the agenda. These agendas are usually money, power or both.

The united states is a cooperation now. Don’t fool yourself into thinking the country you live in(mine is the united states) is for the people by the people. This was a concept long forgotten in seats of power. This is by every stitch a business now. So almost every decision made by this government is how it will this affect their profits.

“Along came a spider”


This is where deception creeps in. This is where the mainstream media spins information to lead the general public in the direction to fulfill their agenda. In turn brainwashing, along came a spider to spin it’s web and capture your mind in boundaries and patriotism. I know this sounds very “conspiracy theory”. “Conspiracy theory” is a phrase that was made up by mainstream media to make the people who want the truth to look a bit crazy. “truther” is another term that is also used.

Ladies and gentleman I kid you not, telling the truth is now becoming outlawed. So I write this article for my fellow humans, out of love. I write this article because ever since I was a kid I was destine to be right here, right now. The path led me to you, the reader, to deliver this message to you like a tiny bomb in your mind to shake away the cob webs and clear your vision. I was sent here on round, flat, square earth to wake you up.

“Turn off the television (Tell-A-Vision)”


This is not scary, this is freedom. I want you to find your own path. To do your own research. To follow your heart, soul, and guidance systems. Turn off the television (Tell-A-Vision) and make your own vision. Use the internet for your gain not to weaken you.

Now with all that being said, let’s look into some really cool concepts. Let’s find the 8thwonder of the world, the immune system.

I am always looking for the next genius that hides in the shadows. When I find these individuals, I absorb as much information from them as possible. Like Paul Chek says, “whenever I want to find something out, I find the best expert in the world, Then I learn for them, because they have already made all the mistakes, they will tell you throw away that textbook it’s all bullshit, here’s the real life answers”. If you learn for the source of these experts, now you are really accelerating your knowledge on that subject 100x better. The media would want you to go to college, take courses, waste 4-10 years of your life sitting in a classroom learning 90% bullshit you’ll never use in the real world. Why do they want you to do this, money and power. Let’s skip all that and let’s accelerate!

This is why I am so glad you have decided to follow my works. I seek out the best knowledge in the world. I seek out the dark corners where genius sits and learn, and learn, and learn. Am I a genius, no. However, I am aware, I am awaken, I am drivin’, I am passionate, I am absorbing all this information and chewing it up, digesting it, and putting in my own language for you guys to do the same.

Dr. Tomas Cowan

Sometimes I think the word “genius” is a term used for the wrong reasons. Was albert Einstein a genius? I think so, however, he was odd and strange. Was Nicola Tesla a genius? I think so, however, he was odd and strange, not well liked, rude, and misunderstood(at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe). So what is a genius? Someone who sits at his desk all his life obsessed with finding secrets to the universe, unsocialized, introvert, odd person?

I think there are many different kinds, the most important part is that they have an open mind, imagination, and willingness to take on the nah sayers. It’s bravery, it’s courage, it’s not following the rules, it’s looking beyond the facts and questioning everything. This all brings me to Dr. Tomas Cowan.

Dr. Cowan will be an upcoming guest on my podcast Revolution Radio. He has a fascinating story and a way of looking at the world that makes me inspired.

He grew up with the pressure from his parents to become a medical doctor. They basically left him little choice. He was not impressed by the way the medical field dealt with their patients. He saw it was more of a business than treating people like they were part of his own family. Compassion, dignity, integrity were not the main theme when it came to doctors anymore, it was now more than ever a business with drug dealers. These are not the exact words of Dr. Cowan, but it’s the idea behind what he is saying.

“Biodynamic Farming”


When Dr. Cowan went and got his medical doctor degree, he wanted to approach things much differently. He wanted to help people in a true holistic way. So he started biodynamic farming, writing books, and studying life with a wide open mind to discover new ideas in medicine.

Over the years his impact has been immense. He discovered the heart was not a pump, as was the general “fact” in the science and medical world, but in fact the blood pumps the heart. The real role of the heart is a vortex, charging our blood before it is sent back into the body. What also came from this discovery is what actually is moving our blood in the body. It all boils back to ancient humans, what we naturally were around all the time, Sunlight, fresh air, grounding, microbes in the soil, and human touch or intimacy.

“Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”


Isn’t funny how it’s all so simple. So Dr. Cowan found that all those heart surgeries, ways of diagnosing symptoms of the heart, they were almost all flat wrong. To discover much more about this subject check out Dr. Cowan’s book “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”.

That’s not the only discovery made by Dr. Cowan. He breaches many other subjects including why kids get sick more these days, vaccines, biodynamic farming, how our ancestors ate, how vegetables mimic humans and much more. I can’t wait to talk to this man on the podcast Revolution Radio.

In my opinion this man Dr. Cowan is a genius. He has broken through the mainstream and brought us such awesome life changing discoveries. However, I ask you why is this the first time you have heard about him? Why aren’t we praising this man? Why is the government taking all his research and spreading it through all doctor offices around the country to stop all the old practices?

Once again because we(I) live in cooperate America. They don’t care about your health. They care that you are paying your taxes, taking your pills, and working your jobs. They don’t want free thinkers to take over the masses. They need to keep their business running smooth. I mean a place where pharmaceuticals are not needed anymore, ha!

“We don’t have one immune system, we have two…”


The reason why I titled this blog/article “The eight wonder of the world, the immune system” is to bring up this very important discovery by Dr. Cowan that blew my mind more than anything else is have read or heard for him.  We don’t have one immune system, we have two…

The two systems are Cell mediated and Humoral. In the Cell mediated immune system we see the actual reactions to an antigen in your body. This reaction is usually symptoms like you would see with a “cold” or “chickenpox” etc. Could be any reaction the body is showing that we call “sick” or “allergies”. The Humoral immune system is the antibodies which are the body’s memory for that specific virus. So the next time it comes around it knows exactly how to deal with the particular antigen.

So what does this information tell us. Well first the runny nose, the inflammation, the sore throat, the fever, etc. are just the bodies way of eliminating the antigen(poison) from our bodies. When we take medicine to stop the cell mediated system from doing it’s “job”, then it hurts our humoral system from working properly to make antibodies.

For instance taking Tylenol to break your fever will actually cause you to be weaker in the long run. 5-10-20 years later you develop autoimmune and/or chronic diseases, all because you masked the symptoms and didn’t allow your body to “workout” and build it strength. The best analogy I can give you for use “fitness” people is, how do we build strength, we workout. If every time we go to the bench press we get 3 reps and a person comes over and duck tapes us to the bench so we can no longer workout, well we don’t gain any strength. If this happens every workout then we never get stronger, but weaker as we age. This is how we cripple our own immune system with drugs.

A very controversial subject also plays a role in this called vaccines. Ever since we have introduced vaccines to the general public which started out as 3 vaccinations by the time you were 18 is now 69 vaccinations by the time you are 18 has made us a sicker people. “Vaccination is an ineffective and harmful attempt to shortcut a complex immune system” says Dr. Cowan. We weaken all of humanity through these tactics.

All this information and more can be found in his book “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the changing nature of childhood illness”.

So what are we learning from this information that can be useful to holistic atheletes?

  1. Remember the saying “no pain, no gain” well that has a lot of truth to it. As an adult and especially as a child we have to go through the symptoms in order for the body to become stronger. If you lift weights, you have to go through the pain to get stronger, it’s the same concept.
  2. In ancient Chinese medicine they talk about draining the swamp. So let’s say your sinuses are plugged. Instead of using drugs, it’s time to use natural cures to drain the swamp without affecting your cell mediated system. So things like goldenseal would be perfect to drain that swamp, moving it into the metabolism and out the body.
  3. Flu shots and other vaccines are better left alone. Assist your immune system instead, by exercise, sunlight, charged water, grounding, healthy diet, human touch, rest and positive thinking.
  4. Do your own research. There is no excuses to not find information on almost anything. The internet is at the touch of your fingers. Research natural cures for anything that Is ailing you. It just take a little effort and common sense to save yourself a trip to the pharmacy to doom your future.
  5. Everything always comes back to balance. Just like the two immune systems, we have two nervous systems, sympathetic(flight or fight) and parasympathetic(rest and digest). It’s inexpensive to check your HRV(heart rate variability) every morning, but so important. A chest strap works best and takes 5 minutes. This is one the most accurate tools to tell you how ready your body is to work that day. How balanced our nervous systems are will tell you how your immune system is doing as well.

“I want all of you to become Warriors!”

Take these words as a time to change. I want all of you to become warriors! It’s these little details and knowledge that will bring you one step closer. Remember we are in this game for longevity and mobility. We are in this game for happiness and love. We are in this game to have fun. Let’s stay healthy, happy and strong!

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