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Gone Vegan: No more bullshit, why I went vegan for a year, the fascinating things I learned, the vegan cult, somewhere between truth and lies, why I stopped being vegan

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It was 2016 I was learning all about movement training by Ido Portal. During my practice I started searching parkour. A sport where you use the environment around you to run, jump, climb, leap, flip, etc. Along came Timothy White, a parkour expert who was vegan. He was strong, fast, and could do amazing tricks. Then I saw a video where he called out Ido Portal because Ido said people who don’t eat meat he won’t train because they are too weak. Here stood Timothy White, Vegan and very strong.

This opened my eyes, wide. Then like I usually do when something interest me, I researched. I found so many vegan athletes out there, thriving. They were breaking records in most sports. I couldn’t believe this, but I didn’t understand where they got their protein from. Everything I had learned in the fitness field thus far was all about meat protein. So I started learning a whole new world,  now this is where growth in life really takes place.

I started learning all about vegan diets. Protein sources, more fats in the diet, what’s considered vegan, how do you get enough calories, healthy vegan vs unhealthy vegan, etc. So much information, overwhelming at times, but absorbable. I started seeing how a vegan views the world. I started watching those awful videos of slaughter houses. I began opening my heart to the idea that, hey, maybe I could be a vegan.

“vegan is a tool in the toolbox, not a way of life”

The first thing I had to consider is how it will affect the people around me. My fiancé, my son, my parents when I eat at their place, friends, and of course when you go out to eat. It was a tough road, I must admit, people didn’t know what to say. I tried to make it as convenient as possible for anyone I would be affecting. I would bring my own food, I would make separate meals for the house, I would try to sneak around and not be noticed.

This probably was not the best way to live a life. It felt like shame and fear. However, there is no doubt this is our society right now. We are super judgmental. Anything abnormal, someone trying something new, is mostly looked at as “why?”. Why can’t you just be “normal”.

I can go into reasons for this reaction, but for length of this articles sake, lets just say that people are weak in this current state, and we can’t handle “different”.  We have such low self-awareness and esteem. Anything different makes us look in the mirror at ourselves and judge our own choices. We just aren’t strong enough to challenge ourselves. A big reason why depression and anxiety are at an all-time high.

So I started buying all the foods I would need for this journey, I really wasted no time, I just dove right in. Little by little I would get the right things in the cupboards, so when I was hungry I could select the right kinds of foods to keep me vegan. It took a few months before I figured out how to feed myself all meals of the day to stay vegan. I tried to go easy on myself if I slipped up or just struggled to find something in a restaurant. There was some challenging days along the way, on vacations especially to find stuff that fit my vegan lifestyle.  It was also expensive at times. Those smoothies and vegan salads were priced at a premium.

As months and months went by I really tried not to pressure or lecture anyone into being vegan. I find that to be one of the worst human qualities, to harass someone to do what you do just because you want to feel special. I have always believed if you are a certain religious belief, a certain sport, a certain diet, a certain sexual orientation, etc… that’s great I fully support you, however don’t try to convince me or tell me I’m doing something wrong because I don’t follow your footsteps.  So when it came to me being vegan, if they wanted to know I would absolutely open up and share my experience, if not then they probably didn’t know unless someone else told them.

My son and fiancé started to join me for meals of vegan delight. I have to give them a lot of credit and love for supporting me and giving some of it a chance. I started to teach my son the philosophy behind being vegan. I always try to be as honest and open with my 10 year old son. I try to let him make his decisions.

I started to encounter the uncomfortableness of the stigma of being vegan. While there are a growing amount of people and restaurants who now accept all kinds of diets, I still found a lot of resistance. A few of my experiences were just going to friends houses or birthday parties. Once people saw I was eating different they would ask all sorts of questions. Then came the big question, why? Then came the jokes. It was fine for the most part, I can handle it, but it gets old. At times you might feel, I should have just eaten at home. At times you feel like such an oddball person because you are kind of singled out. Surprisingly I rarely found myself with other vegans where I was. The experience was eye opening.

“if you did one thing non-vegan then they ripped you a new asshole”

I also discovered that just because you are vegan does not mean you are healthy. There are tons of vegan people who eat like shit. Yes they avoid meat, dairy, etc. However, there is lots of vegan junk food. You literally can eat just as bad on a vegan diet than a non-vegan. So the same rules apply no matter what diet you are on, it’s up to you to choose wisely what foods you put into your mouth. 

As 6-8 months approached I was feeling very good. I felt like my body had detoxified itself on this diet. I felt strong. I did lose about 5-10 pounds on this diet. I was also still doing a lot of training. Rings, movement, weights, yoga, sprinting, etc. I must admit my testosterone felt low. I definitely was calmer, mellow, my sex drive way down. There was little I could do to raise it, I tried many methods that were suggested by other vegan athletes. To no avail.

“I thought going vegan was going to bring peace”

I could tell by 9 months that my journey of being vegan was going to take a metamorphosis. I started seeing the patterns. The people I followed on social media, the videos I watched, the people I met… It wasn’t all of them, but there was a lot of hate. I thought going vegan was going to bring peace. Peace to the world, to torcher of animals, to less sick people, to better self-realization. This was a lot of my own delusion on what being vegan meant to people. It wasn’t a diet that made someone a “good” person. So my eyes started opening to people, who every single hour would post something that would put down a non-vegan. I saw vegans acting like police, who watched everything you did and if you did one thing non-vegan then they ripped you a new asshole. I saw video after video of people using scare tactics to change someone. Using words like you are a sinner and you kill innocent animals for your own gain. I saw people on a vegan diet who had to stop because they were sick, their body was malnourished. I saw people who claimed veganism as enlightenment who would look for a fight with anyone who does not agree with “their way”.

“He was 56 years old and a powerhouse of pure balance”

I Then met a guy by the name of Paul Chek. He was so full of wisdom, I mean pouring out of every sentence. He was 56 years old and a powerhouse of pure balance. He could lift a house, but show you the most sensitive sides of a human being you have ever witnessed. This guy I knew was my next step in my evolution…

He was a guy who had tried it all so to speak. He had dove deep into every religion, every diet, every conspiracy theory, every realm this world seemingly had to offer. So I naturally wanted to know his thoughts on being a vegan.

He started off by saying there is nothing wrong with the vegan diet, it’s a tool, just like all the other ones. I could do heavy deadlifts and be super hungry and eat animal protein, but then 48 hours later have a vegan day and feel comply satisfied. The issue is in the fundamentals of what we are on this planet right now. We have lost the meaning of what it is to be human. The problem really stands before us like this, plants or animals we show no respect to. If I eat a plant or animal, I didn’t kill it. GOD can not die, it’s all energy. The plant or animal only becomes transformed. So I pray to my food:

“Dear universe

Dear mother earth

Dear spirits of this beautiful food

It’s with great love and respect that I bring you into my being

Would you join me now in mind, body, and soul

So together we can make this world a better place for now and in the future

OM, Peace, Amen”

Now this plant or animal gets to join me, as a human, in having the human experience.

So you are not only bringing the flesh of that animal into your body, but the spirit. This he says dates back to the Egyptians and many native Indian tribes. Though out human history we have lost all of our spirit guides and elders who taught all this information to us as children.

Another point is we are a walking, living, biochemistry set. Food has a lot to do with the chemistry of our bodies. It’s not the fact if it’s meat or plant, but if it’s a clean source of food. Has the plant or animal been raised in a healthy environment. Is it organic or locally farm grown. Has it been sprayed or treated kindly.

If a plant has been grown in shit soil with no love, it will give that same chemistry to you inside your body. If the animal has been tortured in it’s life and fed shitty food, it will give you that same chemistry inside your body. So you are getting 100% transfer of that food sources energy, including the water you drink. Choose wisely.

“85% of the plants in the world are meat eaters”

Another very interesting point is if you are vegan and think you don’t eat meat, well, in a round-a-bout way you do. 85% of the plants in the world are meat eaters. How could this be? Well most plants have a functional relationship with the fungi in the soil. The fungi have a very powerful acid that attacks parasites. The fungi (Mycorrhizal) then turn the parasite into a liquid form and feed it to the plant. “The living soil” by lady balfour explains this in detail. It is well researched that plants without these “meat” protein sources would not survive in the wild. Their immune systems would be too weak and they would die.

The whole vegan community is what they call a “paper hat”. It’s built on little facts and research and more about a cause and a community. So my review of the vegan diet is that eating vegan is a tool in the toolbox, not a way of life. I learned so much from my year journey I would never take back. I now eat so much different that I have experienced it. I go many days without consuming meat. I have discovered many other forms of protein that are not animal based. I have opened up my life and heart to so much variety of foods, especially plants. I also have such compassion for those animals and plants that live shit lives. The slaughter houses, the shit soils, the ugly truth of mass producing terrible foods, basically poisons for the general public to eat.

The reality of it all is to always be willing to change, do not fall into dogma. The vegan movement I am not picking on, but pointing out that it’s just a tool. Like learning how to use a hammer, then a screwdriver, then a saw and the next thing you know you can build a house. I recommend to anyone, try vegan for at least 30 days. It really is wonderful for the body. It detoxifies and restores. It’s a great tool for a while, up to a year. There definitely are people out there that can live vegan their whole lives and be healthy, but they are a low percentage. It’s the way their bodies chemistry and genetics are set up. Most people though who try to stay vegan, end up burning out their adrenal glands, because basically they start slowly dying and their adrenalin starts running high, until it’s burned out.

Thank you so much for spending the time to read this article. It’s with great love and respect that I say Namaste. Please comment, like, subscribe, email and even donate to my patreon. Every little bit of love helps. Peace.

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