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Evolution by the day, the hour, the minute

To most in the outside world I look like I change my mind a lot. I know this because I hear it, quite a bit. Ido Portal (movement expert) puts it this way, “if you don’t find contradiction in how I live than I’m not living right”.

You see life isn’t meant to be lived in a way that everyone around you is comfortable with. That would be living like a zombie. “OMG i’m going to offend someone” or “make someone feel bad because I’m not living up to their expectations”. However, this unfortunately goes back to my last article, which is about brainwashing and free will. Most people are afraid of being judged. So they don’t go after their dreams. They don’t live the way they want to. They don’t grow and change and let their soul lead them. Instead they swim upstream, fighting and climbing to just barely get ahead.

“All progress occurs because people dare to be different”

When you are swimming upstream, constantly clawing to just get one more inch, this is where people go to die. They sadly die before they have even lived. It’s time to break out of this death and find yourself.

My confidence came from many, many factors starting 20 years ago. I had this burning desire to find GOD. To find out what the hell this place is. To find out who I really was. To understand why bad things happen to people, including myself. Why was I molested as a child. Why did I not fit in when it came to school. Why happiness was sometime tough to come by. Why did I contemplate suicide at some points in my life. Why were relationships so hard. Why was it so hard for me to gain muscle. Why am was so antisocial. Why. Why. Why.

So many questions, questions that I think a lot of people can relate to, and so little answers.

So I started my search with the bookstore(when they still existed). Self-help section, yup, that’d be the one. I picked up this book and that book, fancy quotes like “Create a life you can be proud of”, “All progress occurs because people dare to be different”, and “The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your arms”.

They were exciting and meaningful, however, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. So I kept searching. I found myself in a religious/spirituality section. This was a tough section for me at first because I had a tough time with organized religion. I don’t want to throw anybody underneath the bus, let’s just say my church going days as a kid were full of flawed people and a look behind the scenes that made me question any validity to GOD and church ever being a partner.

So even with my prejudice I continued on looking, because my desires of wanting answers outweighed any negative feelings.  I came across a book called “The ancient secrets of the flower of life, vol 1” by Drunvalo Melchizedek(yeah you try pronouncing it, that’s why I didn’t do a podcast about this subject lol).  Now this book was way out of my league at the time. It talked about how everything is just vibration. That we humans vibrate at 7.23 hz, how our ancient past was full of secrets, of what a Christ grid was, of the evolution of consciousness, of the geometries of the human body, of how to meditate and time travel.

Although this book was truly way over my head, it did the job of getting me started on my journey away from organized religions. I was able to gain some perspective on meditation and even joined a local meditation group. I learned that this world was full of secrets that I desired to know. I had found my path, my heart was leading me, I knew answers were soon to follow.

I then discovered a book called “Conversations with GOD” by Neale Donald Walsh. Yes I know what you are thinking, I thought Greg had a problem with GOD. That’s half true, my issue was with the way it was presented to me, the world, and I wanted to find the truth that made sense to me.

There are many words we use in the English language that are attached to such feelings and lies. GOD is just one of the many, such as: Jesus, Republicans and Democrats, Rich people, War, the projects, Money, Tinder, Grinder, Fat, Steroids, Jock, Princess, Stripper, Conspiracy theorist, Doctor, Gay, Black on blonds, BDSM, etc… Most of those terms got a rise out of you as you read them. That’s because of the brainwashing. We have been taught to judge everything, including hearing one word, you already have your judgement.

The point being just because I didn’t like the term GOD, I was open to learning more to see if I could change that point of view. This book, conversations with GOD, well it changed my path in life forever. It was amazing how each line of this book spoke to my soul. It was such a different point of view on who GOD was. This book had 2 other volumes. I read them all, cover to cover, over and over. I started to change, the transformation was happening.

I then began sharing this book and the ideas with my good friend Max. He latched right on with me. We journeyed together, growing and sharing our ideas with each other. Although, the journey was not all easy. You see when you begin breaking out of your shell and your brainwashing, you start rocking the boat of life. What does a rocking boat bring? Highs and lows. This is exactly what happened. The lows were so tough to get through, sometimes days of lows, just to hit the next high, seeing life of ease and amazement.

It was really good to have someone like Max going on the journey with me, because I could see through him, this was a normal journey of highs and lows.  We were able to help each other through these lows.


So the evolution continued…


At this point it felt like I was definitely getting somewhere, but the woods  were dark and I only had a flashlight. At least I had the flashlight and could feel my future-self changing.

The next step was manifestation. I started to find information on mantras and law of attraction. I had finally pushed my dams wide open, now the universe could begin leading me. Life was just beginning to show me it’s magic.

Max and I stumbled upon a mantra website that said they were real and authentic. So max and I would sit in my living room and say these mantras over and over.

One day I remember vividly, that we caused or felt like we created a gigantic thunderstorm. It was one of the most violent storms I had witnessed in my entire life. To this day I believe we cause that, by charging up so much energy around us through that mantra.

We also did a mantra after a co-workers death. This was right after the funeral. I felt her spirit climb inside me, I could stop laughing for like 15 minutes. It was amazing. She felt so free and happy.

After those experiences I was starting to be convinced, the path, was leading me to greatness. Just by chance(wink) a co-worker at my other job was talking to me and mentioned the Law of attraction and Ester Hicks. I had no idea what he was talking about. He gave me a cassette tape to go home with and listen to. I couldn’t believe my ears. Every word was talking to me and dancing through my body. Could this be real? Are we creators? Can we really manifest anything?

The evolution continues…

“I am”


The law of attraction was just the next step to completely changing my future forever. I began making a list of my affirmations. Affirmations are ideas that you would like to see happen in your life. So you write them down always starting with the words “I am”. Such as “I am strong and muscular”.

It’s that simple. The work begins in you, because you have to believe. You have to allow the universe to create. You have to allow your subconscious mind to be programmed.  You have to let go of who you were and become the new you. This may sound relatively easy, however, trust me it’s not.

We don’t realize just how much of control freaks we truly are. We are so set in our ways. We don’t like saying, here, you take the wheel.

I know to a lot of people this sounds like foo foo. It’s hard to accept things we can’t see or measure. It was something I needed to prove to myself as well.

I am the type of person who tries it before I judge it.  So I put my best effort forward, hey what did I have to lose, I was poor, skinny, single, living in a 1 bedroom apartment, working 3 jobs to barley keep my old jeep wrangler running.

“going to make $50,000 a year”

So I began… I am successful. I am going to make $50,000 a year. I am love. I am going to drive a nice reliable car. I am surrounded by great friends and family who love and support me. I am strong and muscular, a body like Hercules. I am finding more and more secrets of the universe becoming wiser beyond my years. Etc.

I continued to do these affirmations for 6 months. Day after day, I never missed. I would read them until I knew them by heart. I would say them with belief they would really happen.

Then one day, something told me in my gut to stop, to let go. So I did. 2 months later I had forgotten all about the affirmations. Then suddenly the gates opened and I never looked back.

My father called, he said “my company is hiring put in an application”. Of course being stubborn I said “no”(I didn’t want to work where my father worked). He said “please, just put an application in, if you get it and don’t like it, quit”. I said “I would think about it”…

Then my friend Janaiah called, she said “I’ve got great news, I am working for you Dads company as the hiring agent”. I said “what?” In disbelief I could not fathom the universe so elegantly stacking the cards in my favor. She says “put your application in”. I said “my father just told me to do this the other day”. Wow.

I then asked… the question… that I wouldn’t believe the answer to… if I work there, “how much do they pay?”

She says… “$50,000”

God Dam.

It was like getting hit by a tidal wave and landing on your feet.

How do you explain this to people? Everyone has to know how to do this? Life just gives you the things you ask for. I was amazed in every way.

Needless to say I got the job. Starting salary… $50,000. I had a brand new mustang in a few months after starting. I got a membership at the gym at work and started to gain muscle quickly. I was 5’9” 190 and grew to 220 before I knew it.

These affirmations were just manifesting one by one in my life with ease. Eventually every single one was fulfilled.

That was 12 years ago. I continue to use manifestations in my life. I may not say the affirmations like I used to, because I can now just feel it and flow with the universe and the creative nature. It really is truly amazing how this all works. I am grateful every day.

Do I still have bad times, hardships, rough patches?… of course, but I know it’s all part of life. Without the tough stuff, we fail to grow. We must go through low points in order to get stronger and better. However, you must find balance and work through those tough times.

The evolution gets faster…


I said all that, to bring perspective on what I’m about to explain to you about evolution. The Greg’s Revolution Evolution. Why should I wait to evolve my genes for generations? I want to evolve now! So I always concentrate on pushing forward in balance. Meaning ying and yang must be in balance in order for me to push ahead.

If we just pushed ahead in one area then we really aren’t ahead at all. In fact we may be behind. The fact is, if we are talented in one area we tend to just moving forward in that one area, not the overall being. So we become unbalanced and while never really grasping the whole idea of life, We must be holistic in all our approach in order to evolve quickly.

This is why when I try something new, for example Wim Hof Breathing Method, which I did 3 years ago, now I have evolved beyond the practice to the actual point of the practice.

If someone were to look at me from the outside world they would say, Greg used to believe Wim Hof was the answer, the guru, the way to become superhuman. Now he has moved on to many different gurus in the 3 years since. So he just can’t stick with anything. Greg was even vegan for a year and not anymore. See he’s just too restless to stick with something.

“You Either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

This is certainly the perception. People from the outside are unable to see my evolution that is going on, inside. It’s like the great line form the movie The Dark Knight, “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”-Harvey Dent, It’s a very thought provoking quote. In a Wim Hof fans eyes I was the hero, until I gathered what I needed and evolved beyond. In a Vegans eyes I was a hero, until I found what I needed and evolved beyond.

You see to me what people find as a way of life, I find as a tool.

So learning from Ido Portal (movement training), Ben Greenfield(Biohacking), Dr. Jason Fung(Fasting), Wim Hof(Breathing), Paul Chek institute(correctional kinesiology), Yo Elliot(Muscle building), Shifu Yan Lei(shaolin monk), Balkan(Alchemist), Derek Simnett(Vegan futness), Etc. I use each of these great minds and many more to push and develop my own mind. I have tried so many different styles and I take away what works for me. However, I make sure I give each one their due respect.

The time has never been better than now to evolve quickly and efficiently. We all have  information at the tip of our fingers. Like the millions of plants out there that we don’t commonly know about like the Ashitaba “tomorrow leaf”.  The amazing creatures out there that have yet to be discovered, especially in the depts of the ocean.  The things we still don’t understand about the human body because we refuse to look at it as holistic. Missing key things as how important our gallbladder really is, what is vitamin T , and how vital it is to have sunflower lecithin is in our diet.

“I push myself past my comforts”

It’s not a matter of the impossible. It’s a matter of finding the real geniuses in this world. The ones who hide in the shadows, Behind all those white coat pharmacist and doctors, who are treated like they are Gods. We somehow in human history, forgot just how nature works. We forgot to respect where we live. How much technology the woods, plants, and water holds. That the woods is the doctor for this planet. The doctor for every human being on this planet. We now are brainwashed into thinking we must be “saved” by the people in the white coats. We must find the true geniuses on this planet. We must listen to mother nature again. We must show respect to the ancestors and all they knew.

This is how I evolve every day, hour, and minute.

I Respect my ancestors and all they knew. I am grateful every day for all I have. I search for all the great geniuses out there who have so much to offer. I push myself past my comforts. I make sure I stay balanced when navigating forward. I learn from the journey, I grow and I adapt. I am careful to keep my eyes wide open and to not fall into the traps of brainwashing.

“Don’t get caught up in the hype.”


We so often get caught up in what the most popular thing is. For example CBD oil is the new hot thing right now. We get caught up in the hype and somehow think this is for us, just because it’s popular. However, if we take a little while to research, we soon find that there is all kinds of awesome, more powerful tools for our diets. So use the new popular thing to help catapult your interest in finding other things that may be way more beneficial. Don’t get caught up in the hype.

Greg’s Revolution Evolution:

How to evolve every day, hour, minute

  1. Know that life is full of magic
  2. Practice manifesting
  3. Always stay balanced
  4. Be true to yourself
  5. Push yourself to be uncomfortable
  6. Learn, learn, learn
  7. Seek out the real geniuses in the shadows
  8. Always better your diet
  9. Respect your ancestors, your food, mother nature
  10. Be strong, focused… this is your life, do it your way.

“Sooner or later your health will become your #1 concern,
Why not NOW?”
Let it be YOU who makes the choice.
There is wisdom in balance. The body thrives on balance.
When all systems in the body are working in harmony, well, the skys the limit.
The yin/yang is all about movement vs rest.
It kind of feels like there aren’t too many people walking around these days with balance.
We are all burned out, one way or another.
We need coaching more than ever.
We need to set some income aside for preventative health care.
We need to set some time aside for ourselves.
We need to take charge, take the steering wheel back,
and drive to increase our value as a person, as a mother, a father,
a son, a daughter, a fighter, a lover, a man, a woman.
 Who am I?
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